How to Choose Colors for Your Website


When you visit a page, you can imagine what's there. A website that is intuitive and easy to use for the visitor guarantees a next visit by the same visitor.

The first impression

The first impression is one of the most important aspects to consider when designing a new website. It should give the visitor a clear understanding of its capabilities and how to navigate through the site. It is also important for the first impression to be fast loading.

When designing a website you should have as a clear objective to attract visitors to it, promote, that it is fast loading and its content is relevant to the user.

Make a Good First Impression

To accomplish all this, it is necessary to pay attention to what elements to use. It is important to give a feeling that it the site is attractive, simple and efficient.

The content of the website

The written content is fundamental in the design of the Website since it contains the information that the visitor might need. The content should be analyzed as much as other elements, like images, videos or menus. It is the most important part of communicating with visitors.

For that reason, it is necessary to analyze the content very profoundly and think about what message it is going to transmit.

You should think about the position and size of the content and more importantly what colors to use for highlighting specific places in your text because colors trigger different emotions in human beings

How to choose the colors for a website?

The colors affect the way people can feel at certain times. That's why the choice of colors is one of the most important choices in web design. There are many tools that help you find colors that match perfectly with each other. I suggest checking out Adobe color or Canva.

For example, a red color should be used to transmit love, passion, strength and even danger, on the contrary, to transmit sweetness, femininity or childhood you could use a pink color.

On the other hand, you could use an orange color to express warmth, courage, friendship, trust or success. In the same way, the environment, land, money, freshness or something new can be expressed by the color green.


To inspire concepts such as health, peace, confidence, tradition, seriousness, calm and professionalism the best color is blue.

Lilac color comes in handy with spiritual motivations, wisdom, luxury, mystery and also ambition. If what you want to express is elegance, sophistication, formality, protection, and class we recommend the use of black.

The significant thing is to determine what values you want to transmit, or what feelings you want to emerge in the visitor.

Choosing a color for your website logo

If you design a logo you should use the colors following these guidelines that I described in the last section. It is important to maintain the persistence of your site so that your site does not turn into a rainbow.

The number of colors you should use will depend on certain variants. If your site is too colorful it is hard for your visitors to keep track and your bounce rates rise drastically.


The excessive use of colors can scare away visitors and once they leave they probably never coming back.


Using a color that stands out from the others in a specific place will immediately capture the visitor's attention. Use some tools like Adobe color or Canva to find colors that compliment each other.

It is important to use as few colors as possible. Bear in mind that two or three attractive colors can draw visitors' attention with easy!

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