“A world of full inclusion for   

American Indians and Alaskan Natives   

with a Disability”  

– CANAR   



The Mission of CANAR is to serve as a vehicle for collaboration and cooperation between administrators of Native American Rehabilitation Projects to increase and enhance the quality of service, resulting in positive outcomes for Native Americans with disabilities.


Advance and improve rehabilitation services by:

Providing a forum to American Indian Vocational Rehabilitation Services Administrators to study, deliberate, and action matters impacting rehabilitation with the ultimate goal of expanding quality rehabilitation services to American Indian/Alaskan Natives with disabilities.

Providing a resource for issues affecting vocational rehabilitation services on/near reservations and across the country. CANAR plans to address those issues with state vocational rehabilitation agencies, consumers, service providers, etc.

CANAR will provide comprehensive training and continuing education that is culturally-centered with various levels of certification, degrees and licensure,

Providing a means of communication with related organizations and governmental entities on rehabilitation service provision, education and research matters.

Conduct and support research and demonstration towards improving vocational rehabilitation services to Native American/Alaskan Natives with disabilities. Promote and maintain services with positive outcomes.

CANAR will be self-sustaining and fiscally secure to meet the needs of its members and be accountable for its actions.

Conduct and support efforts to increase capacity in the number of Native American Rehabilitation Practitioners/Professionals.





Culturally Centered




CANAR is a collective voice of our many tribal nations that honors and empowers American Indians and Alaskan Natives with a disability through education and advocacy 


Approved on December 10th, 2018